Commercial TV Network Providers

Office of Public Works

We have carried out various installations for the Office of Public Works over the past 17 years.

Dublin Airport Authority

Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports have all employed state of the art technology to include coaxial network, fibre networks and CAT6 Video distribution networks. A state of the art IPTV system has recently been installed in the new T2 terminal at Dublin Airport.
We have maintained and serviced the above for the last 15 years

Garda College Templemore

Aertech have supplied, installed and maintained an in-house TV distribution system, at the Garda Training College, Templemore.

Irish Prison Service

Aertech have designed, installed and maintained TV Networks in various Irish Prisons, for the past 17 years and continue to maintain the various networks.


We have designed, supplied and installed TV Networks, to many Irish Hotels, throughout Ireland.

Each Hotel has a tailored TV package to suit their individual need including local information, text channels and Health & Safety notice channels.

Stud Farms

In this sector, we have supplied and installed TV Networks to suit each individual stud farm including CCTV cameras from around the farms, including stables, made available on the TV channels



Aertech have previously installed on-site TV networks to supply terrestrial, satellite and on-course channels, to all of the viewing monitors, at various racing venues throughout Ireland.

Greyhound Stadiums

Aertech have designed and installed TV Networks, at various venues, around the country.


Sports Stadia

Aertech have previously supplied TV equipment to Croke Park and Lansdowne Road.