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IRS Distribution Systems  

An IRS is a system whereby any number of homes or apartments can share the signals received by a satellite dish/dishes and TV aerial.

An integrated reception system is a communal aerial which carries all terrestrial and satellite signals, both analogue and digital. It enables all the households in the complex to receive all the services from just one or more dish and TV aerial. This type of system is ideal for apartment blocks, housing developments, retirement homes, caravan parks or any situation where a communal television aerial is required.

An IRS is electronically transparent to a satellite receiver. The viewer operates their receiver and television in exactly the same way as if they had their own dish and TV aerial.

IRS gives tenants exactly the same choice as viewers in the individual houses with their own dish. The same full range of satellite television and radio services, both analogue and digital is available. All the current terrestrial services from RTE and commercial broadcasters are also receivable whether a satellite dish is installed or not. Future digital terrestrial broadcast will also be receivable when available from local broadcaster.


TV, AV and digital signage distribution systems over IP and Cat-5/UTP networks



MediaStar Evolution is a range of versatile products to deliver TV, multimedia and digital signage to a wide audience over IP networks and is the latest addition to the family of MediaStar video networking products, MediaStar Pro and MediaStar Compact.

The MediaStar Evolution family has been designed to take advantage of the developments in technology that allow efficient digital video delivery over IP based networks through a range of:

Amongst the many applications suitable for MediaStar Evolution are corporate communications, which often require a one-to-many multicast, whether to local, national or international audiences. This may involve the delivery of live TV channels, specific training programmes and messaging. It brings the potential of visual communication to every desktop, every screen and every display within an organization.

Increasingly, provision of digital signage is being carried out over IP networks and applications range from small displays in retail outlets to giant outdoor displays in stadiums and arenas.




 Managed TV/AV over Cat-5/UTP

MediaStar Pro has been developed to meet the demand for versatile CATV, Television and AV delivery. It is the ultimate answer to TV over Cat-5/UTP delivery and its powerful management software, flexibility and expandability make it the perfect solution for many different environments.

With zero latency, an unlimited numbers of users and a capacity of 180/200 (PAL/NTSC) TV/AV channels MediaStar Pro provides the ideal solution to enterprise wide TV delivery over Cat-5/UTP infrastructures.

System Managers have complete control of the MediaStar Pro system and the ability to determine the privileges and access rights accorded to individual users and groups. 



TV/AV over Cat-5/UTP in a 1U chassis

MediaStar Compact provides a potential combination of 32 video hub input ports to create a 16 channel TV/AV distribution system over Cat-5/UTP.

Zero latency, and intuitive use make Compact the ideal solution for a wide range of TV/AV distribution applications all in a 1U hub.

MediaStar Compact is a unique and complete solution for Cat-5/UTP audio and video delivery. It has been developed to meet the demand for versatile TV and AV delivery.

Its flexibility, ease of installation and intuitive operation make it the ideal solution for a wide range of TV and AV distribution applications.